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Solstice Festival

Solstice Austin is an annual event taking place in Austin, Texas on June 21st – the summer solstice. It is organized by Special Events Live (the producers Pecan Street Festival), and Solstice (the tech startup based in Austin that powers the worldwide celebration of music). This same spirit of festival takes place in over 800 cities around the world on the same day.

Solstice Austin is very different than a typical festival… it’s a community celebration, put on and performed by you! Anyone can sign up to be a venue, and anyone can sign up to be an artist- and all of the scheduling and logistics are handled on the tech platform, by the participants! Artists can browse venues based on preferences like time availability, location, and genre, and venues can do the same to find great musicians to host.

After all of the scheduling is done, concerts are displayed on an interactive map that can be seen on the website or mobile app… and everyone is invited out to join the day-long celebration of music in Austin!